Thursday, October 11, 2007

Inaugural podcast episode

Listen to this show by following the link below to the Internet archive:

Wolfe Tracks show 001 Oct. 11, 2007

Length: 20 minutes

Listening options:

1. Download the show in any one of several file flavors, then listen to it with your favorite audio player.

If you have high-speed (non dial-up) access to the Web:

2. Enjoy it through your Web browser (stream the audio).

3. Use the Web-based Internet archive media player by clicking once on the show's file name in the upper right corner of the window. The player will automatically start. To stop, fast forward or rewind, use the player buttons to the left of the file name for the podcast show.

Let me know what you think about this first episode. Also, let me know what you'd like to hear about on future shows!

A special "tip of the mic" goes out to Dave Morrison for his expert and detailed suggestions. As a result, several post-production enhancements have been made to this inaugural show which include the addition of bird chirps (a Mocking Bird that hangs out behind my house) as background audio to my narration of the Robert Frost poem. Each of his production suggestions will be adopted and as a result, you'll be listening to higher audio quality in subsequent shows. Thanks Dave!

The Wolfe Tracks podcast is copyrighted under Creative Commons Creative Commons License

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